Winner’s SpeakEasy Awards

Winner’s SpeakEasy Awards

Winner’s Award Group has been working with a great golf club called Council Fire in Chattanooga, TN, (Allan’s account). Their Director of Golf, Hunt Gilliland loves to come up with some amazing themes for his Member-Guest events. He is a talented Director of golf who takes the time to come up with different ideas to wow his members. This year he came to us and said he needed some award ideas using a Speakeasy Theme.

Working with our key vendors, Apogee Commemoratives and Thousand Oak Barrels, Winner’s Award Group was able to customize flight winner awards which were Oak Barrels mounted on black bases for the flight winners. Then designed “ Tommy Gun” Awards with SpeakEasy hats on the end for the Champions.

We wanted you to see the awards which the club had out on display. We even showed the club how they could make Wanted Posters featuring staff or members.

Just another great example of a custom job from Winner’s Award Group. Please feel free to share the photos with your clients.

Check out the extra care the club took in displaying and lighting the items. Way to go Hunt!

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