Using Football Helmet Trophies for Awards

Using Football Helmet Trophies for Awards

Trying to promote a special football themed event?  Look no further as Winner’s Award Group can customize any sports helmet and create a unique gift or award for your next event.

Are you ready for some football?

Whether it is a national sales contest or sales meeting or even a football themed Golf Tournament, hundreds of companies and country clubs have been using these custom football helmets to promote their company or events. On the corporate side, Summit Brokerage Inc. utilizes the football helmets in their corporate colors with their company’s logo on the side.  When their brokers reach certain levels of sales, custom stickers are sent to the sales reps so they can add it to the back of the helmet. Recognizing these sales achievements is no different than college football players adding stickers to their helmets after making a great play.  In addition to the full size helmets, Winner’s Award Group can also provide mini helmets and desk caddy helmets which can be used to kick off contests or promote team work at the right time of year.

On the Country Club scene, Winner’s Award Group has been customizing helmets for the past ten years. Many country clubs have football themed golf events that use the helmets for prizing. Over time, we have seen more and more celebrity fundraisers where teams and football players customize the helmets in their club or team colors. Hundreds of famous football players also run charity events where these helmets are used as a prize, gift or even signed, a valuable auction item.

 Parkland Golf and Country Club was also one of the first clubs to order these helmets right before the fall football season as a great decoration for the bar area or pro shop.

As a gift item, these desk caddies are the perfect gift for Junior events, sales kick offs, or even employee team building. Because they hold pens and business cards, they are the perfect complement to someone’s desk or cubicle area.

Depending on where the client is and what time of year it is, Winner’s Award Group can also design custom helmets for Baseball, Ice Hockey and even Car Racing helmets.

Creating a custom helmet can create the perfect keepsake that all of your winners or employees will want to display in their home or office.  When athletes are putting on their own charity golf tournaments, they even sign the helmets which make them even more valuable and meaningful for all of the winners. All helmets can be put inside a case and a small plate added on the front of the case to hold and display more information about the event or what they won. For more information on how you can create your own customized award, request a free consultation with one of our concierge consultants.

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