The Man Who Could Fly

The Man Who Could Fly

On a cool night in Mexico City at the 1968 Olympic Games, Olympic Gold Medalist, Bob Beamon, hit the board and set an Olympic record of 29 ft. 2 ½ inches. The Man Who Could Fly, Mr. Beamon still holds the Olympic record today!

When Bob was looking for a unique way to recognize sponsors and winners of his charity golf tournament, he turned to Winner’s Award Group for help. Taking a 5 X 7 black and white photo of his Olympic jump, Winner’s Award Group turned a small grainy black and white image into a work of art World renown artist, Mr. Bill Waugh, was able to convert the small photo into an 11 X 15 black and white charcoal drawing.

That painting was then reproduced and personally autographed by Mr. Beamon. The signed piece was then matted and framed with a personalized brass plate underneath recognizing the sponsor or winner. Now sponsors of his golf tournament actually leave with a piece of history. When this piece is hung in a home or office, it allows the participant or sponsor to explain the world record jump to anyone who asks.

This becomes a special gift that gives the recipient a piece of sports history and is a constant reminder of the charity event they played in. Imagine taking a photograph of your clubhouse or companies product or an image of where you are holding your sales meeting and letting Winner’s Award Group produce a custom framed painting for your special event or tournament.

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