Meatballs and Martinis??

Meatballs and Martinis??

Do you think that Meatballs and Martinis sounds CRAZY?? When it comes to creating custom trophies to match the theme of your event, no idea is considered too INSANE or OUT THERE for Winner’s Award Group.

Recently a country club called the Old Course at Broken Sound was looking to do an event called Meatballs and Martinis. Imagine coming up with an award for this annual glow ball night golf event?  The task at hand was to create an award that would capture everyone’s attention and fit with this crazy theme.

Here it is… A Meatball and golf ball inside a real life looking Martini. It even has a tee as the stirrer….

The Fun and creativity doesn’t stop there. How about an event that is named after Beers from around the world? Fort Lauderdale Country Club creates a different theme each year for their Men’s Invitational. After custom designing a beautiful beer tap, Winner’s Award Group was able to deliver these custom taps to every flight winner. Each flight was named after a different beer from Heineken to Stella. Imagine how proud these winners are to display these custom pieces in their home or office.

Still thirsty for some other ideas? How about liquor companies and country clubs using these authentic Oak Barrels as their trophies or prizing. Whether it’s the Honda Classic PGA Tour event who used this for their Gosling’s Rum Pro-Am trophies or a liquor company using them to recognize their top sales representatives, these Oak barrels are real keepsakes. Even better, they come in four different sizes and can actually be primed to hold wine or whiskey.

Finally, if you are looking for a classy gift or centerpiece, custom etched wine bottles are another great idea. These can display your company logo or a custom photo. Some clubs even etch their par three hole and hand them out when their members make a hole in one.

For more information on how to WOW your members or employees with really unique and out the box ideas, simply click here

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