How about some BLING, BLING for your next Corporate event?

How about some BLING, BLING for your next Corporate event?

Looking for the perfect gift for your next golf outing or corporate event? If so, why not consider some custom Bling or Jewelry which will always leave a classy and long lasting impression.

At Winner’s Award Group, their concierge service will help you design any piece of emblematic jewelry or precious metals including Rings, Money Clips, Pendants, Lapel Pins, and Challenge Coins, Ball Markers or even Olympic style medals.

When the N.J. PGA Section was looking for an award for their Assistant Championships, we were able to design a custom piece which can be engraved for each year’s winners. Here is look at a recent design of a custom money clip that was produced as a prizing for their tournament.

When the PGA of America was looking for an appropriate way to recognize Hall of Fame inductees, they asked for a ring and money clip set which they give to every new inductee.  Shown below, this set is also personalized with the Hall of Fame member’s initials on the ring and their full name on the bottom of the money clip. With emblematic jewelry, you can select between different gold or silver finishes and even as precious or non-precious stones or diamonds. If you are wanted to recognize great accomplishments in sport or in sales, this is a perfect way to do it.

Recently the PGA Tour was looking for something to give out to the USA and European Teams at The President’s Cup a major international competition held every two years. After designing an Olympic style medal for their junior teams, Winner’s Award Group even custom made display boxes and created sets which were given to team captains and dignitaries.

The ideas and products are limitless, Sales Meetings, Country Clubs and even Hockey teams are using these Olympic style medals. What’s even better is these Olympic medals can be made to accommodate a small decal or epoxy dome on the back. This allows for additional customization or personalization for each event. Imagine upgrading the type of medal you are currently giving out to one that has a beautiful sewn in ribbon that cannot slip out. The custom ribbons also give you some additional branding and room for other information.

If it’s CHAMPIONSHIP or Hall of Fame Rings you are looking for, we also can design and produce those. Many PGA sections and corporate sales teams are currently using gold rings as an incentive award or recognition piece.  Rings can be custom made with your club’s logo on the side as well as precious or non-precious stones featured in the middle. Initials or dates of induction can also be added on the ring’s shanks.

If you are looking for the perfect way to say congratulations or thank you for a special achievement, just visit

There you can register for a free consultation with one of Winner’s Award Group’s marketing specialists. Winner’s Award Group can produce FREE virtual layouts which will show you exactly what your piece of jewelry or medal will look like.

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