A Famous Landmark on Dafuskee Island

A Famous Landmark on Dafuskee Island

If you ever have the chance to take a ferry over to Dafuskee Island in South Carolina, make sure you bring your golf clubs! Nestled on a private island near Hilton Head, South Carolina, you will find one of the nicest golf courses called Haig Point.

The golf course winds around a portion of the island and when you approach it by boat; you can see a famous landmark on the island which is a historic lighthouse. The director of golf on the island asked Winner’s Award Group to come up with a new trophy utilizing photos of the famous lighthouse.

The finished etchings were then mounted on black bases with the event information engraved on the side. These laser etched pieces of crystal use the same laser technology that is used in operating rooms. The laser cuts the crystal and creates a three dimensional replica of the landmark or clubhouse.

After getting photos and drawings from the course, Winner’s Award Group was able to send the drawings to their manufacturer in the Far East. A computer program was then written which produced an amazing three dimensional etching of the lighthouse inside a solid piece of crystal.

Looking to show your company’s hottest product inside crystal, or would you like to see your clubhouse etched inside in 3D? Just call Winner’s Award Group, they will be able to quote any size piece of custom lasered crystal. Many clubhouses and company products are being lasered into crystal creating one of the most unique and personalized trophies the industry has ever seen.

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