10 Reasons Why Winner’s Award Group Will Make an Impact on Your Event


  1. When you purchase from Winner’s Award Group, 10% of all purchases are donated back to the NFLA Foundation. When your chapters buy from Winner’s, we are also helping kids by raising additional money for the NFLA and their foundation.
  2. Winner’s Award Group offers some of the most unique NFLA trophies and awards. Championship Belts and Helmets are logoed specifically for NFLA events and can be customized for your local tournaments.
  3. Why worry, its fast and simple when you order from Winner’s Award Group. Having one vendor eliminates you from having to deal with three or four different companies. At Winner’s they have everything from Trophies, Awards, tee gifts, and customized flags for the course. They can even handle shirts, jackets and caps. This makes your job easier with streamlined, one-stop shopping.
  4. Regardless of budget, Winner’s Award Group can find the products to meet your budget. Their standard golf tournament offerings have good, better, best options depending on what you are looking for.
  5. With over 18 years of experience, they can provide a WOW factor to your event where your attendees will want to win the trophy, not put it away in a box in the garage.
  6. All NFLA products only have a 2–3-week lead times depending on what you select. Faster delivery means less worrying about meeting tight in hand dates.
  7. Winner’s Award Group carries the widest selection of gift items from duffle bags to Bluetooth speakers and writing instruments. Winner’s unique gift ideas allow you to give items out that your participants will use. Anything from luggage and phone chargers to coolers and custom jewelry are available.
  8. Because Winner’s Award Group has a corporate division, they are used to handling requests from companies for trade show gifts and sales meetings. If NFLA members are also running successful companies, Winner’s can also provide you with any of your corporate needs from plaques to employee recognition, they have it all.
  9. Winner’s Award Group has access to thousands of manufacturers. Once you state what item you are looking for and when you need it, all they need is 24 hours to find it.
  10. Winner’s Award Group has been involved with helping kids who are battling cancer with their own family foundation. They have helped thousands of kids battling cancer attend a very special summer camp and even sent many who have recovered to college. They are aligned with our main objective of helping kids. When you purchase from them, we are receiving money back for our foundation. They don’t just want to be another vendor; they want to be our partner in helping kids have a better life.