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Breaking the Slump Paperback Copy Book by Jimmy Roberts


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An Autographed Hard Copy of the Best Selling Book – BREAKING THE SLUMP – How Great Players Survived Their Darkest Moments in Golf and What You Can Learn from them by NBC Sportscaster Jimmy Roberts: With personal stories from golf legends Jack Nicklaus, Arnold Palmer, Greg Norman and others.

It can strike anyone who shares a passion for playing. In the United States alone, roughly 37 million men and women are at risk, if not already victims. Regardless of skill, experience, or comfort level, every golfer is bound to suffer a slump.

Like most players, NBC golf-caster Jimmy Roberts has endured the sudden outbreak of incompetence, followed by panic and frustration. While battling his most recent bout, the Emmy Award-winning sports commentator decided to seek out the help of the ultimate experts and survivors: golf’s legends and other distinguished players. The result is an unbeatable collection of proven strategies and uplifting rebound stories.

“If there’s one thing I learned in this journey,” Roberts reflects, “it is that slumps come and go.” Struck by how this condition infects PGA champs, repeatedly, he notes: “It’s not like you can get some kind of inoculation that provides lifetime immunity.”

Through gripping personal accounts, BREAKING THE SLUMP reveals how superlative golfers and successful people who love the game dealt with startling and crushing setbacks. While highlighting the lows of 18 players- Arnold Palmer, Phil Mickelson, Greg Norman, Dan Jansen, Johnny Miller, and Hal Sutton, for starters-Jimmy Roberts presents a variety of prescriptions for common symptoms, from a diseased swing to ailing confidence. Along with getting coveted advice for healing their own game, fans will discover how celebrated golfers and hall of famers in other sports like Wayne Gretsky and Mike Schmidt overcame daunting challenges on the green and beyond.

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